Selected Projects

A few game-related projects that I have created or founded over the years.



In 2005 I founded The Independent Gaming Source ( as a community website for indie game developers focused on the “arthouse” side of game development, because most of the communities I encountered at that time were centered around making casual games and I wanted to see indie games take more creative risks. TIGSource went on to become the birthplace of a generation of innovative indie titles, including Fez, Spelunky, Papers Please, and Minecraft, and was named as a “best of the web” site by such mainstream news sources as Newseek and The Guardian.

Screenshot from an early build of Minecraft

A Forum post at TIGSource announcing the first build of the yet-unnamed Minecraft.

Screenshot from an early version of Spelunky

Necessary Games


I founded initially to host critical writing about videogames focused on wholistic considerations of "meaning and significance," and to function as a kind of "third space" adjacent to but distinct from traditions attached to either academia or popular videogame "review" discourse. Eventually the site came to function primarily as my experimental videogame portfolio as I began dabbling in game design again.

A few of the experimental videogames I initially released via



In 2010, after a successful Kickstarter campaign (the campaign was featured as a "project we love" on the front page of, I set out to travel long term on a shoestring budget with the goal of making little videogames and "notgames" along the way about the things I was seeing and experiencing. The idea was to use videogames as a kind of travel writing, mainly because I had never seen anyone try to do that before. continues to host the interactive creations and travel writing that emerged from that project.

A few of the experimental videogames I created for my Gametrekking project


A bucket for videogames that look or smell or taste a little bit like poems. (Put together as part of the research for my Game Poems monograph.)

On Videogames

(Prototype in Progress)

An experimental site which aggregates critical writing about videogames for search purposes, and performs quantitative analysis of language, social metrics, and backlink data in an effort to discern trends and tendencies within the space, and to highligh underepresented voices. The current prototype was partially supported by funds from UCSC's IDEA Hub.

Header illustration by Solip Park.